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Homebrewing: back in the saddle
I made a winter ale, and in honor of the year 2012, have decided to call it Mayan Apocalypse.

4 lb wheat malt
2 lb Maris Otter malt
4 lb Munich malt
2 lb Gambrinus honey malt
1 lb Cara-Pils
1/2 lb chocolate malt

Willamette hops (4.9%), 60 min
Northern Brewer hops (7.5%), 10 min

SafAle 04 yeast, 65 - 70°F, 10 days

OG 1.074

Bitterness near 28 IBU

This should make a dark, sweet beer, with bitterness from hops and roasted grain.

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I just transferred Mayan Apocalypse to the aging and bottling vessel. Oh, the smell almost gave me an orgasm! I could smell the esters, and already knew it would be a knockout beer. I tasted some already, and proved me right. Dark, sweet, complex.

OG = 1.074
FG = 1.022

ABV = 6.8%

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